Dr Das

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Adult and Pediatric Urologist, Urooncologist, Endoscopic, Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgeon, Andrologist and Transplant Surgeon

MBBS, MS, DNB, FCPS, MRCS (UK), MNAMS, MCH (Urology, India), FICS (USA), FACS (USA), FECSM (European Board), DLS (EITS, France), FRCS (Urology, UK, JSCFE Gold Medal), Fellowship In Endourology, Urooncology, Robotic Surgery (Australia)

The Practice

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General Information

Appointments are usually made by phone. A request may also be sent by email that will be followed by a phone call and appointment fixing. If there is a referral from your general practitioner or medical specialist, please bring the referral form and details of your referring doctor. On arrival at clinic, patients will need to register prior to seeking consultation. Patients need to bring relevant Identification document and medical insurance details (if insured). Certain andrology, male infertility and pediatric urology treatments are not covered by medical insurance and patients will need to bear the medical expenses in these situations. Ringing the clinic just before appointments is advised as the nature of surgical practice often leads to unavoidable delays.

Services Offered

General Urology

Management of common urological diseases including urinary tract infections, difficulty in urination and related problems, urinary incontinence, testicular and scrotal problems, management of kidney (renal) cysts, uroflow and urodynamic studies

Kidney and Urinary Stones

Detailed assessment of kidney and urinary stones, treatment of kidney stones including latest treatments with endoscopy, laser, PCNL, laparoscopy, and metabolic profile assessment


Detailed assessment of prostate issues including prostatitis and prostate enlargement (BPH), endourology procedures, latest treatments including Lasers and Rezum Treatment


Management of urethral strictures including endoscopic surgery and urethroplasty

Urological Cancers

Screening, In Depth Assessment and Management of Kidney, Ureter, Bladder, Prostate, Testis, Penis Cancers including latest treatment options, Transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsies, Intravesical Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy For Bladder Cancers

Children Urology

Management of different urological problems in the children including urinary tract infections, stones, bedwetting, lack of urine control, endoscopy and laparoscopy for urological problems in children including undescended testis, vesicoureteral reflux, pelviureteric obstructions, MCU and Urethrograms, Plastibell and Surgical Circumcision, Hypospadius repairs

Female Urology

Detailed assessment and management of urinary incontinence, urodynamic studies, Botox treatments for bladder, sling surgeries for stress incontinence, suprapubic catheter insertions

Andrology & Male Infertility

Detailed assessment and management of men’s health issues, sexual health issues, erection problems, male infertility including microsurgery, latest techniques for vasectomy and vas reversal, penile implant, circumcision


Screening and management of STDs, management of HPV warts



Your privacy is protected, and personal details, diagnoses and results will not be shared with anyone other than health professionals necessary for your comprehensive care.